Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Suffocating, Jello, Queasy = Bad Day on the Treadmill

Yesterday I had the worst workout ever. I stepped onto the treadmill thinking I would run a 5k in 28 minutes. I didn't expect the whole world to come crashing down on me. 

From the very start my breathing was heavy. I really struggled to get a good breath in. I kept trying to turn my lungs over (did I just make this up?), but it never happened. The air that I was frantically trying to gasp in felt sweaty and suffocating instead of pure and intoxicating. 

My legs were pure jello from the start. Actually the last 1.2 miles i think they turned into mush.

My mind wasn't in it. If my mind's not on board, it can talk myself out of anything. It begged me to stop at 3 miles instead of running a true 5K (3.2 miles).

My stomach started to feel queasy towards the end. It tried to get back at me for for putting it through hell. I barely escaped the humiliation. This was a nice reminder that I need to drink plenty of water before the race on Saturday.

Yesterday the Treadmill and I did not get along. But today is a new day. I will have redemption on the Treadmill!

Distance: 3.2 miles
Average Pace: 6.7
Time: 28:37
Emotion: Defeated 

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