Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weight Lifting- A Man's World?

I am intimidated by big muscley men in the gym. As a result I don't go near the weight machines and I most definitely stay away from the free weights.  In fact I wouldn't know what to do in that part of the gym.

I'm not a total newb (name that TV show) when it comes to weight lifting. I did finish P90X, but I had Tony guiding me through every workout. My results with P90X were great (they would have been better if I would have focused on my diet). But I want to be more toned and in order to get toned I have to either do P90X again or start lifting more at the gym.

Right now I am loving the atmosphere of the gym. I also like the idea of getting out of the house. So for now I am abandoning P90X and Insanity. But I have made a promise with myself that I will finish the entire Insanity program sometime in the new future! 

Ashley and I now have our own personal trainer! Well actually he is Ashley's co-worker. But he is so knowledgeable and loves to teach that it feels like we have a trainer.  We lift with him, his fiance and his brother.

I am starting to understand the addiction side of lifting and the benefits of lifting with at lease one other person. I love the fact that you feed off of each others energy. If you go harder, they go harder. It's all about competition, but with yourself. 

Today we lifted back and biceps. My favorite part of the workout was the rope excercise (I felt like a biggest loser contestant)

And hitting this (I forgot how much I enjoy boxing)
The goal is to lift with the group 2-3 times a week and do cardio (run or swim) the other 2-3 days. My "trainer" says I should be toned by Vegas! And by toned I don't mean this...
Or this...

All I have to do is make sure I stick to my diet. 

Bring it people... summer is almost here!!! 

Starting Weight (2/28/11): 134.6lbs
Current Weight: 129.4lbs
Total Weight Loss: -5.2lbs
Goal Weight: 120lbs
Note: Won the Work Weight-Loss Challenge! 


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