Sunday, March 13, 2011

5K Results!

Yesterday was the St. Patrick's Day 5K. Ashley and I set a goal to run it faster than last year. Under 28 minutes. 

Our main focus for the race was pace. I usually let my adrenaline get the best of me and because of it we tend to go way to fast in the first mile and die in the last two miles. This time around we were determined to start out at a reasonable pace.  

Luckly, my Garmin Forerunner watch is!! I have no idea how I ran all last year without it! Among many things, it calculates real time pace. Amazing!!! Ashley and I came up with a signal so I could let her know if we were going too fast or too slow. Ashley is great at keeping a steady pace. I tend to slow down, speed up, slow down. With the help of Hank and Ashley's amazing steady pace skills, we were able to maintain a nice pace. 

According to Hank The-Garmin-Forerunner, my average pace was 8:45. Perfect. Hank also calculates distance. Next race I am going to try and pay attention to this reading a little more, especially towards the end of the race. 

Yesterday I couldn't tell where the race ended. Once I saw the finish line I picked it up, but I should have picked it up a little sooner. It never occurred to me, until just now, that I could have looked at my watch to see how much further I had to go. This is going to be a great tool for the next race. 

So how did we do?

Ashley and I met our goal! I ran the race in 27:05 and Ashley ran it in 26:59!!    

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