Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Must Read

A Northern Light should be the next book you read. It's actually a great book for the summer. The kind you think about all day, can't put down and wish there was more when it's over. 

I must admit upfront that this book is classified as "young adult". I have no idea why I'm into so into these types of books. It all started with Harry Potter. Then I moved onto Twilight. Next was Hunger Games. Then Uglies. And now A Northern Light. 


I hate writing book reviews. It reminds me of school. So if you want a review just Google it. Or take my word for it and read it!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{30 Before Thirty} Harley Swimming

We have been to the lake a lot this year. This has given me many opportunities to take pictures of Harley swimming in the lake.   

Augusta Waiting for Harley.
Harley swimming in.
Harley fetching the largest stick I have ever seen.

Harley enjoys swimming so much he actually jumped off the side of the boat thinking he would swim to shore. I was too shocked to jump in after him. Preston can't swim very well. I think he kept waiting for me to jump in and save him. By now Harley is swimming in the opposite direction of the boat.  Before I know it, Taylor does the most graceful dive into the freezing cold water and rescues Harley. I don't think I will ever live this down.

Augusta is finally starting to venture into the deep and unknown. She has actually swam for a stick more than once. My next task is to capture her on camera.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jack Quinn Newb

I have been wanting to do the the Jack Quinn's run since last year, but I never got around to it. I told myself it was too hot or too cold or that it would be hard and scary and just plain awful! 

Today Ashley, Jennifer and I ran our very first Jack Quinn's run. We even celebrated afterwards with beer, water and Garbanzo. 
Post Run. (Yes I'm a little burnt from the lake)

Jennifer & Ashley Post Run.
 For everyone out there who wants to do the run, but is intimidated like it was JUST DO IT! It's a fun route that goes by quick with only one major hill. Tons of people show up to run, walk and jog- so you won't feel pathetic if you have/want to walk the whole way and you are never the last one. Plus there is cheap beer at the end. Honestly, what more could you ask for?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot, Dark, Vacant Room, Blasting Music and Grunting

Ashley and I decided it's time to start focusing on running, biking and swimming in preparation of the Triathlon in August. Since we haven't ran seriously in quite sometime we decided to start out slow. Like only 3 miles slow. I made it to 1.5 miles before my knee started giving me trouble. I ended up running the 3 miles, but with multiple stops to stretch. This run goes down as the worst run EVER! 

Today I was not very excited to go back to the gym. I definitely didn't want to repeat yesterday's workout. How did I make myself go? I turned off the negative thoughts in my mind and didn't allow my inner self to talk me out of it. I just drove... and eventually I ended up at the gym. 

Luckily Ashley decided to meet me at the gym. We both agreed that running was not an option. Potentially the best aspect of Golds Gym on Powers is the spinning room is always vacant. 

We have them put on my new workout playlist and start spinning.... for an entire hour!! This is the longest I have ever lasted on a bike period, minus the 2 spinning classes I attended. We had an amazing, challenging workout! I have never enjoyed biking this much. I believe I found the secret. A hot, dark, vacant room, with music blasting and Ashley right there with me grunting the entire time. Amazing.