Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot, Dark, Vacant Room, Blasting Music and Grunting

Ashley and I decided it's time to start focusing on running, biking and swimming in preparation of the Triathlon in August. Since we haven't ran seriously in quite sometime we decided to start out slow. Like only 3 miles slow. I made it to 1.5 miles before my knee started giving me trouble. I ended up running the 3 miles, but with multiple stops to stretch. This run goes down as the worst run EVER! 

Today I was not very excited to go back to the gym. I definitely didn't want to repeat yesterday's workout. How did I make myself go? I turned off the negative thoughts in my mind and didn't allow my inner self to talk me out of it. I just drove... and eventually I ended up at the gym. 

Luckily Ashley decided to meet me at the gym. We both agreed that running was not an option. Potentially the best aspect of Golds Gym on Powers is the spinning room is always vacant. 

We have them put on my new workout playlist and start spinning.... for an entire hour!! This is the longest I have ever lasted on a bike period, minus the 2 spinning classes I attended. We had an amazing, challenging workout! I have never enjoyed biking this much. I believe I found the secret. A hot, dark, vacant room, with music blasting and Ashley right there with me grunting the entire time. Amazing.

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