Thursday, May 26, 2011

Las Vegas!

Preston and I had an amazing time in Las Vegas. For those of you who are curious, 10 days in Vegas is not painful or the worst idea ever. We were able to keep ourselves busy and entertained the entire 10 days.   

Preston didn't do as well as he hoped in the pool tournament... there's always next year. 

We had pretty good luck gambling the first half of the trip. Good thing because the last part of the trip it felt like we were stetting money on fire. 

We found time to see the show Zumanity. Wow, a lot of boobies. That's all I have to say about that.

We experienced the zip line down Freemont street with J&J. Somehow we managed to talk Preston into it. Pretty fun! 

Ashley and I visited the pool at the Monte Carlo. We had a blast! We flopped around in the lazy river and wave pool. Honestly, we were the only ladies in the entire pool area with wet hair. Everyone else seemed to be extremely worried about their appearance. Not us!  

Ashley and I got feathers in our hair. They are pretty cute! This was probably the highlight of Ashley's trip. She has been wanting feathers forever. 

Preston and I enjoyed multiple Yard Margaritas.  Sooo yummy!

Gold Machine Man was my favorite street performer. He was soo odd and random! I couldn't stop watching him and people's reactions. 

Preston and I caught the Bellagio Fountain Show from a semi-private balcony at the Bellagio.  Best view ever!

Preston also met held the door for poker player Dowle Brunson. (I found this picture on the web) 
Thanks to everyone who spent Vegas with us. We had a blast!!

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