Sunday, December 16, 2012

{Bring on the New Year}

Now that I'm not so overwhelmed (packages wrapped, one party down, some Christmas decorations up, antlers started on) I've decided to put some more thought into my 2013 goals.

A Must Read

 While on vacation I read Gretchen Rubin's book The Happiness Project. The book was very motivational for me and inspired me to add happiness acts into my everyday life. However, when we returned from vacation we found out that our dog Harley had cancer. Since Thanksgiving all of our effort and attention has gone towards Harley's health and well being. With that said all of my excitement and enthusiasm over what I had read in The Happiness Project went out the window.
Harley after we found out he had cancer
Now that we have Harley on a treatment regimen (although we were reminded today as Harley was suffering through his first "bad day" that the drugs will only be able to keep him comfortable for a couple of months and not cure him) I am excited to read Gretchen's next book Happier At Home. In this book she sets out to make "her home a place of greater simplicity, comfort, and love." I have also decided to participate in Gretchen's Happier At Home 21 day Relationship Challenge.  I have no idea what I will get out of this book or what to expect from the 21 day challenge, but I am excited to try and make my home a happier place!

I have also decided to take on one project (outside of training for a 1/2 marathon) for 2013. For some crazy reason I decided to take my muy largo DSLR camera with us on vacation. Good thing because half way through our trip my iPhone/camera decided to quit working. The muy largo camera came in handy. I've decided I need to learn how to take amazing pictures with this expensivo camera. And since I have the software, I should probably learn how to photoshop my pictures. And while I am at it, I need to organize my photos and delete the bad pictures.  I found a great website that will help walk me through the steps.

 Here are my 2013 goals! Bring on the New Year!

2013 Goal
- Read the book: Happier At Home by Gretchen Rubin 
- Complete Gretchen Rubin's Happier At Home 21 Day Relationship Challenge
(Gretchen's 21 Day Challenge can be found on her website here)
-Teach myself how to take amazing pictures with my DSLR camera
- Organize all of my pictures using Adobe Elements Organizer
- Learn how to edit photos using Adobe Elements 9
- Run a 1/2 Marathon
- Weight 126lbs 

Monday, December 10, 2012

{Goal Setting} 2013

I love setting goals. It's all about the thrill of what if I actually achieve that goal that makes me so giddy. This year is a little different. I am feeling extremely overwhelmed (over nothing important really) and so goal setting sounds like the most difficult task to take on right now.

So for 2013 I  am going to focus on one goal... health and fitness. I allowed myself to become lazy this year and therefore did not train or focus on a race or competition. As a result I felt like a beached whale all summer at the lake. 2013 will be different.

The Goal:
- Run a 1/2 Marathon
- Weigh 126lbs

The Steps:
1. Find a 1/2 marathon training program (done)
2. Start training program on 1/6/2013
3. Compete in a 1/2 marathon around May/June

1. Workout 5 days week starting 1/6/2013
2. Eat clean with 1 cheat meal per week starting NOW
3. Cut out processed foods and sugar starting NOW
4. Plan out meals weakly starting NOW
5. Grocery shop and prep food every Sunday starting NOW
6. Weight in the 120's by 3/1/2013

I know that in order to achieve my weight goal I need to break it down into smaller goals. So for each milestone I reach I will reward myself. I have no idea what my reward will be, but all I know is that it cannot be food related. I need to work on disassociating food with pleasure and stress.


I am ready to make a change. I have been saying for more than a year that I want to be in the 120's. How about I just freaking do it already! The only thing standing in my way is me and alcohol. Everyone knows that it starts in the kitchen. All I have to do is eat healthy and make good choices and before i know if I will be where I want to be.

Running a 1/2 marathon is intimidating. But if I can do a sprint triathlon I can run 13 miles. Easy-peasy. As long as I train, I can do it. No question. I will also have 2 accountability partners! I am excited to start training with a purpose!

Here's to a healthy 2013!