Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Gym

This afternoon I was in the gym pumping some iron when I looked around and thought to myself... hey I belong here. Amongst all these men I can hold my own.

It's sad that the free weight area is so intimidating, but at first it really is! I think this is why most women {young and old} stay away from this area. You start to think am I doing this move right, who is looking at me, are my nipples showing, is my gut sticking out, I'm such a sally I'm only lifting 10lbs, and on and on and on. But really it's all in YOUR head. Nobody cares what you are doing or how much you are lifting.

E and I have been lifting consistently for 4 weeks now not missing a single workout. We have gotten stronger, lost some weight and have maybe become a little addicted to the lifting and the steam room. I used to run on the treadmill day after day. After a while I started to dread it. But I didn't know what else to do at the gym. Lifting has added a different element. I want to get stronger so I go. I want to try and lift more than I did last week so I go.

Ever since I had the heart to heart with myself, my eating has been spot on. I found this silly and maybe rather somewhat rediculous saying on Pinterest, but for some reason I can't stop thinking about it. I would kill to be at my goal weight. And this silly little saying reminds me of that.


Just think about what it will feel like when...
- your favorite jeans fit just perfect
- you not longer have a muffin top
- when you sit, you have a flat stomach
- you can totally rock a two piece
- it doesn't take you all morning to get dressed
- shopping is fun, everything looks amazing on
- your can wear shorts
- your arms look toned
- you finally allow yourself to buy an expensive pair of jeans because they look that good on you

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Falling off the wagon...

and being drug for a couple of miles.

Last weekend P-Man and I went to Blackhawk to celebrate his 31st birthday. I planned on having some drinks and eating whatever I wanted, but I didn't expect the bar and buffet to stay open for the rest of the week and into this weekend.

Instead of getting back on track I went out and bought a new scale 'cause I thought Mr. Health-O-Meter was messing with me. He gave me the exact same weight for 3 days straight. So one day I got frustrated and weighed myself 1 million times in a 10 minute time frame {please tell me other people do this and I'm not crazy}. Mr. Health-O-Meter must have thought it would be funny to mess with me and give me 3 different readings. Now how is this possible?! So I did what any sane person would do, I bought a new fancy Weight Watchers scale {Wanda the Wonderful}. I am hoping that Wanda will be more kind.

As I am writing this, I should probably tell you that I begged my husband to buy me Oreos. Because his middle name is Mr. Wonderful he did. So as I am bitching about my lack of dedication I am eating oreos. Duh winning.

The whole point of this post is to convince myself to get myself back on track. I love the workout program I'm doing {Jamie Eason's Life Fit} and I am seeing great results. I am in the last week of phase 1, which is solely lifting. In phase 2 the eating gets a little stricter and we finally add in some cardio. Eating healthy becomes 10 times more important as we start to burn off the fat. So it's totally up to me to jump back on the wagon, become focused and go after what I want.

Source: via Lori on Pinterest

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tattoo 3

And here is #3. I'm not sure where to put it.

1. I like the location, under my wedding ring. 2. Not sure if I would have it facing this way.

1. I like this anchor better. 2. I love the location, but it's too daring.

Source: via Lori on Pinterest

1. His and hers. 2. I think I LOVE this location.

1. Love 2. Perfect design. 3. Location too risky.

My reason...
you are my anchor

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tattoo 2

Assuming I can handle the pain from tat #1, here is what I am thinking for #2.

The infinity symbol

1. I like the look of this, but not exactly what I want.

1. This is my favorite. 2. Location, left wrist.

1. I like this version as well. 2. But something about it is holding me back.

Source: via Lori on Pinterest

1. Different way to make the infinity symbol. 2. I like the location and size. 3. I wonder what it would look like if I add love to the end of it?

1. I really like this location. 2. It feels a little daring. 

My reason...
our love is infinite

Monday, January 16, 2012

It's About That Time...

to get a tattoo.

I have been obsessing over it lately. If you follow me on Pinterest, chances are you have caught onto this from my recent pins. I went from wanting one to multiple. Here is what I'm thinking for my first.

1. Sorry about the boob shot. 2. I love the location, but I realized that my bra/swim suite will always cover it up. 3. Insert bird feather for peacock feather.

Source: via Lori on Pinterest

1. Boob shot again. 2. Better location. 3. I like the feather standing this way. 4. Insert different feather.

1. Like this feather. 2. It needs to curve the the left instead of the right.

1. I think it's a little high. 2. It might be a touch too big. 3. I like the curve to this feather.
1. I love this feather. 2. I don't like the saying. 3. I would like it to curve to the left instead of the right.

My reason....
lightness of being

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ashley's Baby Shower Owl Decorations

Have you noticed that owls are everywhere? If you are oblivious, keep your eye out and you will be amazed at all of the owls you will see.

Ashley is decorating her nursery in owls. Very cute! So we decided to carry the theme throughout her baby shower.

Take a look at the cute owl decorations we made with the Cricut! Pretty professional if you ask me {however my picture taking skills are not}.

Woo Hoo.... It's A Girl!

Very detailed cupcake toppers.

Kenadie Banner.

We had a great time making the decorations with Lindsey, Jenn and Ashley's Mom, Aunt and Grandma. We couldn't have pulled it off without them!


Ashley's very talented husband put this up over the weekend. It turned out amazing!

Only about 5 short weeks until Baby Kenadie arrives! I cannot wait!! She is going to be one very spoiled little girl!  

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why Tim Tebow is soo Cool

Some might understand if you don't like Tim Tebow as a football player, but you gotta like him as a man. You wanna know why? And believe me, it has nothing to do with religion. It's about character and a kind heart.

Check out this article about Tim Tebow. It will bring tears to your eyes and make you wonder why you aren't doing more for others.  Or maybe yet, you will find yourself cheering for Tebow on Saturday.

My Husband, Mr. Love Every Football Team BUT The Broncos, emailed me the article yesterday. He simply said, "Probably my favorite football player now." This is the power that Tim Tebow has on people. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

{Priceless} why you should watch T.B.B.T.

****Spoiler Alert**** 
Scenes from last nights The Big Bang Theory.

Amy's reaction to her gift is priceless!

If you don't watchThe Big Bang Theory.... you are missing out. Get the first season from Netflix and start from the beginning. You can thank me later.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

It Starts in the Kitchen and Ends in the Gym

I finished week 1 of Jamie Eason's LiveFit Training Program. The results I have seen in one weeks time is AMAZING! So far I have lost around 7lbs. Pretty cool right? How is this possible? I've learned that it starts in the kitchen and ends in the gym. 

In this phase I eat 6-7 small meals a day eating a shit tone of protein, limited starches, healthy fats and all the vegies I want. It's not too hard as long as you can plan and make your meals in advance.  I am still working on this. The key is to have healthy foods in the kitchen and new recipes to try when you start to think you might not be able to choke down eat another piece of chicken in your life.

For the first month (phase 1), our workouts consist of weight lifting; no cardio at all. The idea is to build muscle first and then in phase 2 and 3 we will work on leaning out. I forgot how much I love to lift. I especially like it when we enter the man zone and we are struggling to lift 15 pounds when the grunting ginormo guy next to us is throwing down 50lbs. 

My main goal is to get below 130 and stay in the 120-something. I would also love to get rid of the love handles, add definition to the arms so they don't wobble-wobble and of course every girls dream have abs. 

All of this is for this coming summer. We spend as many weekends as possible at the lake. Translation, I am in a swim suite a lot. I would love to feel absolutely great in a two piece. The second part of this is we wake board. I cannot tell you how tiring this sport can be. Being in great shape means less falls and more attempts at tricks. 

Lastly, what girl,lady,women doesn't want to feel absolutely great about their body? Right now in my life I don't have anything keeping me from reaching this goal but myself. Why let myself stand in my way when all it takes is hard work and dedication? The contestants do it every single season on The Biggest Loser. I am not any different than they are {well minus being obese and getting to see Bob Harper and Dovelts gorgous bodies everyday??}. But you get what I mean.  

I get that some people don't understand the obsession. But it's what makes me tick. I love talking about what I'm eating, how much weight I've lost and the workouts I'm doing. It makes me excited to do it all over again tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Broncos vs. Nuggets

This weekend we went to the amazingly BORING Broncos game. 

Ash and I trying not to freeze
Erin and I

Turns out we forgot the grill... to cook our hamburgers and brats on. We made a quick stop at Sports Authority to buy one and some warm cloths for me. Turns out I also forgot my back pack with all my game gear.  
The Men putting together the grill.

Sporty Authority Field

Watching  the players walk into stadium.

{I just discovered the Instagram app for the iPhone. I am totally obsessed with it. It makes me want to take a picture of everything. And then choose the best image setting, which is the best part of the app. Can you notice the pictures I took with Instagram vs. the iPhone camera throughout this post?}

Me & the Huz

Erin & Dan

Ash & Josh: this might have been the bet pic ever, but I blurred Josh's face. So bummed.

After the horrible game Ash and J dropped us off at the hotel {I won't even go into how the valet gave our car to someone else} and we headed to the Nuggets game.

Nuggets vs. Lakers

Scalped Club Seats 

This game was a lot more exciting than the Broncos. The Nuggets came back and beat the Lakes in the 4th quarter!  P-Rizo and I decided that once in our life we will watch a Nuggets game from court side.