Monday, January 16, 2012

It's About That Time...

to get a tattoo.

I have been obsessing over it lately. If you follow me on Pinterest, chances are you have caught onto this from my recent pins. I went from wanting one to multiple. Here is what I'm thinking for my first.

1. Sorry about the boob shot. 2. I love the location, but I realized that my bra/swim suite will always cover it up. 3. Insert bird feather for peacock feather.

Source: via Lori on Pinterest

1. Boob shot again. 2. Better location. 3. I like the feather standing this way. 4. Insert different feather.

1. Like this feather. 2. It needs to curve the the left instead of the right.

1. I think it's a little high. 2. It might be a touch too big. 3. I like the curve to this feather.
1. I love this feather. 2. I don't like the saying. 3. I would like it to curve to the left instead of the right.

My reason....
lightness of being

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  1. Hi! I had to come over and "meet" you - I see Emily also awarded you with the Liebster award. What a cute blog you have, and I love the feather tattoo that you want to get. You should go for it.

    Looks like I'm your newest follower.