Sunday, January 8, 2012

It Starts in the Kitchen and Ends in the Gym

I finished week 1 of Jamie Eason's LiveFit Training Program. The results I have seen in one weeks time is AMAZING! So far I have lost around 7lbs. Pretty cool right? How is this possible? I've learned that it starts in the kitchen and ends in the gym. 

In this phase I eat 6-7 small meals a day eating a shit tone of protein, limited starches, healthy fats and all the vegies I want. It's not too hard as long as you can plan and make your meals in advance.  I am still working on this. The key is to have healthy foods in the kitchen and new recipes to try when you start to think you might not be able to choke down eat another piece of chicken in your life.

For the first month (phase 1), our workouts consist of weight lifting; no cardio at all. The idea is to build muscle first and then in phase 2 and 3 we will work on leaning out. I forgot how much I love to lift. I especially like it when we enter the man zone and we are struggling to lift 15 pounds when the grunting ginormo guy next to us is throwing down 50lbs. 

My main goal is to get below 130 and stay in the 120-something. I would also love to get rid of the love handles, add definition to the arms so they don't wobble-wobble and of course every girls dream have abs. 

All of this is for this coming summer. We spend as many weekends as possible at the lake. Translation, I am in a swim suite a lot. I would love to feel absolutely great in a two piece. The second part of this is we wake board. I cannot tell you how tiring this sport can be. Being in great shape means less falls and more attempts at tricks. 

Lastly, what girl,lady,women doesn't want to feel absolutely great about their body? Right now in my life I don't have anything keeping me from reaching this goal but myself. Why let myself stand in my way when all it takes is hard work and dedication? The contestants do it every single season on The Biggest Loser. I am not any different than they are {well minus being obese and getting to see Bob Harper and Dovelts gorgous bodies everyday??}. But you get what I mean.  

I get that some people don't understand the obsession. But it's what makes me tick. I love talking about what I'm eating, how much weight I've lost and the workouts I'm doing. It makes me excited to do it all over again tomorrow.

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