Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Broncos vs. Nuggets

This weekend we went to the amazingly BORING Broncos game. 

Ash and I trying not to freeze
Erin and I

Turns out we forgot the grill... to cook our hamburgers and brats on. We made a quick stop at Sports Authority to buy one and some warm cloths for me. Turns out I also forgot my back pack with all my game gear.  
The Men putting together the grill.

Sporty Authority Field

Watching  the players walk into stadium.

{I just discovered the Instagram app for the iPhone. I am totally obsessed with it. It makes me want to take a picture of everything. And then choose the best image setting, which is the best part of the app. Can you notice the pictures I took with Instagram vs. the iPhone camera throughout this post?}

Me & the Huz

Erin & Dan

Ash & Josh: this might have been the bet pic ever, but I blurred Josh's face. So bummed.

After the horrible game Ash and J dropped us off at the hotel {I won't even go into how the valet gave our car to someone else} and we headed to the Nuggets game.

Nuggets vs. Lakers

Scalped Club Seats 

This game was a lot more exciting than the Broncos. The Nuggets came back and beat the Lakes in the 4th quarter!  P-Rizo and I decided that once in our life we will watch a Nuggets game from court side.

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