Thursday, December 29, 2011

{Augusta} a.k.a White Beard

Augusta is a very special dog. She hates large groups of people, loud noises, thunder and being left alone. Her latest pet peeve is an empty water dish or dog food bowl. She has gotten into the habit of pawing at either bowl {even Harley's food bowl} when it is empty. P-Dizzy and I swear she just wants to keep us busy, waiting on her hand and foot.

After we fill up her bowl, because she just pawed at it like 50 times, she looks at it {to make sure it's up to her standards} AND THEN SIMPLY WALKS AWAY!!!


But she can also be very sweat. Augusta will love you forever if you take her to look for rabbits in the open field, rub her belly, give her a blanket to lay on, praise her endlessly, give her a treat or be very quiet when she is sleeping. 

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