Thursday, September 27, 2012

{First Day Back at the Gym} Post Cleanse

While doing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset cleanse, Beachbody suggests that you do not workout to allow your body to rest and really focus on freeing itself of toxins. Not to mention the food plan is not based around protein intake (which is needed when working out to build muscle). 

Today was my first day back in the gym post cleanse! Oh how I missed that place! This time around my workout cloths fit perfectly! What a huge confidence builder! Here is my cuter workout bag and ratty old shoes. I really want to go to Boulder Running Company and buy some new Asics. Today I got a coupon from BRC- it must be a sign! 

{Cute Workout Bag from Las Vegas}

{Very Old Shoes}
Tonight I lifted upper body. I found the workout plan from Wow, I've lost some strength. My arms were shaking by the time I finished the workout. I always try and write down my workouts to include the number of reps and weight. It's nice to be able to look back and see what you were lifting a month ago to make sure you are lifting heavier. This workout has me doing 3 sets of each exercise, 12 reps each.
{My Workout Log}

{Today's Workout}

{Workout Schedule}

Beachbody came out with a P90X app. The best part is Ab Ripper X is Free!!! Actually is looks like this is the last day you can get it for free. With this app I can listen to Tony Horton explain the moves and watch him in the video. Ab Ripper X is by far the best ab workout out there is.  

This time around, I am going to make sure I stretch after each session. I am the most inflexible person in the world, besides my dad. I fill like it starts in the arches of my feet, moves up my calves and ends at my butt. Everything is really tight. I am really going to work on this!

By the time I finished my workout I was weak and knew I needed some protein immediately to fuel my muscles. I bought an all natural chocolate milk drink from the cafe. Tomorrow I am going to make sure I bring protein powder.

It fills good to be back in the gym!!! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

{He's Pretty Much a Big Deal}

I've always known Preston was a big deal in the pool crowd. I mean he did scored Erin and I these awesome hats at a pool bar grand opening just for being Preston Hollis.

But now Preston is known in the pool crowd as a U.S. Amateur Championship finalist! He competed against 64 other pool players at the qualifying event in Fort Collins. The top 4 finalist {they don't play out to a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place} advance to the U.S. Championship tournament in Tampa, Florida! Preston is one of those finalist!!!

{Official Trophy}
 Preston spent a total of 33 hours in the bar either playing pool or waiting for his next match. He won his match on Friday. Lost his first match Saturday morning {double elimination}. Waited around for 10 hours and then won his next 2. On Sunday he was in the zone and won all four matches to be named a finalist! 

{Preston's Final Bracket}
The Championship tournament is in Tampa, Florida in November. It just so happens we will be arriving in Florida from my 30th birthday cruise on the same day the pool tournament starts. Perfect timing!

Preston has put in a lot of practice over the last couple of years to advance his pool game to an elite level. He plays in league two nights a week and goes to as many tournaments as his wife will allow him possible. All of his hard work has paid off! I know this win will boost his confidence even more {if that's even possible right!} and take him to another level. I can't believe I am saying this, but I can't wait until Preston's next tournament to see how he does! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

{When The Husband's Away}

Preston left on Friday for Fort Collins to play in the U.S. Amateur pool tournament. If he finishes in the top 4 he qualifies for the Championship tournament in Tampa, Florida.

What's a wife to do when the husband's away?

  • I slept in.

  • I watched movie after movie after movie.
{I loved this movie!!}
{This Movie was OK}
{I Cried for the Second Time}

  • I watched the Usher Tell All on Oprah's Next Chapter. {Oprah's Next Chapter is one of my favorite shows on the O Network}

  • I played with the dogs. 
  • I went Braid's Maid dress shopping with the Sister and found my dress!!! The picture below does not do the dress justice. It is super cute. It will be in grey. And we are shortening it!!!  
{The Perfect Dress}

  • I watched a lot of Football. 

  • I took multiple naps. 

  • I worked on the puzzle. 

  • I checked my Fantasy Football Team {Hit It Betty} multiple times. 

What's a wife to do when the husbands away? Absolutely nothing!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

{Beachbody Ultimate Reset} Phase 3

I have finally made it to week 3, phase 3 of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset cleanse. I only have 5 more days to go!!! Thank god. This cleanse is hard! My weight loss results is the only motivating factor keeping me going.

  • Phase 1: Lost 4.6lbs
  • Phase 2: Lost 1.5lbs
  • Day 1, Phase 3: Lost 1.5lbs

Thus far I have lost a total of 7.6lbs!!! Because of this I keep going.

I am stilling suffering though the "Jolly Green Giant" drink.  Some days I can drink it no problem. Other days I gag. I have been drinking this every day for 16 days now. Yuck! 
{Alkalinize Powder}

{Alkalinize Mixed}
I am drinking over a gallon of water a day. The catch is, I can only drink distilled water with Himalayan Salt added to it. My pee is officially clear.
{My Nalgene Never Leaves My Side}

I have eaten fruit everyday for breakfast for 9 days straight. Only fruit. I know that this sounds yummy, but fruit gets old and does not fill you up. I am soo sick of fruit.
{Please, No More Fruit}

For the remainder of Phase 3, I will be eating a salad for lunch I am so over salad.

Luckily I have my BFF suffering through this crazy ass cleanse with me. 
{Best Friend's}

Thursday, September 13, 2012

{What a Night}

Tonight started out not being my night. I took my Beachbody Ultimate Reset pre-dinner supplements which include 2 pills {Optimize}, 12 drops of liquid on my tongue {Oxygenize} and two huge gulps of "dirt" {detox mixture}. The detox did not go down as planned. My last gulp came right back up in the sink. 

{Detox "Dirt" Concoction}

{Detox Mixed- Nice & Thick}

I have to drink the "dirt" before every meal for 7 days. The taste isn't too bad. But the texture and thickness is puke invoking.

Moving onto dinner. I starting prepping the sweat potato and red pepper bisque. {Bisque is a funny word. Our kitchen appliance color is called bisque. Bisque. Speaking of, we got a new dish washer!! New appliances are soo fun. But spending money on them is not.} Anyways, the recipe said grill or broill a red pepper. First, I had to figure out what broil meant. I always imagined I needed this pan. My parents had one and for some reason I remember my mom using it. What in the world do you cook with this broil pan?
 Here is my first roasted red pepper attempt. 

{Epic Fail}

The smoke alarms went off 4 different times after I took this out of the oven. Here is my second attempt. 
The bisque turned out perfectly! I was actually amazed. I can see me eating this post Reset. 
{Sweat Potato & Roasted Red Pepper Bisque/ Sweat Potato Fries}
Today is day 9 of the Reset. I am down a total of 5.3lbs. My achy legs are gone, I am sleeping amazingly well, but today I've had an awful headache all day. Only 12 more days to go!!  


Monday, September 10, 2012

{Beachbody Ultimate Reset}

Ashley and I started the Beachbody Ultimate Reset cleanse {aka what in the hell did we get ourselves into} on Wednesday. The "cleanse" is 21 days long broken into three 7 day phases. Tomorrow is the last day of Phase 1!! Honestly, I can't believe I have lasted this long on the program. It's not easy. I don't know what I would do without Ashley. We have been such a huge support for each other.

The Ultimate Reset is not the type of cleanse where you starve yourself and only drink shakes or water. It's about detoxing your body while creating a healthy relationship with food. I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, drink a crap ton of mineralized distilled water and take supplements.

Ashley and I have spent a lot of time shopping at Sprouts, Whole Foods and King Soopers for foods and spices that we have never heard of.

Preparation is key! 

{Kenadie Helping}



{A little disappointed in the selection at this place}

{Pantry Filled}

{Fridge Jam Packed}

{Vegetables Cut and Labeled}

{Phase 2 Grocery List}

Here are some of the things I have been eating:


{Chicken Salad}

{Beans, Corn & Rice= YUMMY}

{Lentil-Lime Salad}

{Toast, Fruit, Yogurt Sweetened with Maple Syrup}

{Quinoa Salad}

{Quinoa Salad, Veges and Hummus}

For me the worst part has been extreme leg cramps. I am drinking well over a gallon of water every day and stretching like a crazy person to try and make these go away. I have used my rice cooker almost everyday to make brown rice and quinoa. By far the best kitchen appliance I have! So far I am down about 3.7lbs. Phase 2 is the detox phase. I have no idea what this means. All I know is no more animal meat or dairy {goodbye yummy yogurt}. I will also add another supplement to the mix. Only 15 more days to go!

{The Last Hurrah on Hit It Betty}

Every year we try and say that Labor Day Weekend is not the last hurrah on the boat, but as the school years starts and football season begins each weekend becomes harder and harder to take the boat out. I believe we have all accepted that "Hit It Betty" should be weatherized for the winter.

The last weekend {Labor Day Weekend} on the reservoir was awesome! We grilled some great food, drank a lot, bribed Mikey to try knee boarding, basked in the sun, play spades and corn-hole and mastered surfing... on a knee board. 

{Mikey Knee Boarding!}

{Preston Showing off his Surfer Lake Shirt}

{The Cup}

{Last Fire of the Summer}

{"I'm Done"}

 When Mikey was on the knee board he asked if this was the sign for done. We all thought it was too cute! 


We had a great summer on the water. Makayla is a professional wake boarder, Mikey can knee board, Dan is so close to mastering a heal side 360, Preston can almost go wake-to-wake, Erin will forever be the toe-side 180 queen and dare-devil, and I finally mastered the heal-side 180. I can not wait for next summer to pick up where we left off!