Sunday, September 23, 2012

{When The Husband's Away}

Preston left on Friday for Fort Collins to play in the U.S. Amateur pool tournament. If he finishes in the top 4 he qualifies for the Championship tournament in Tampa, Florida.

What's a wife to do when the husband's away?

  • I slept in.

  • I watched movie after movie after movie.
{I loved this movie!!}
{This Movie was OK}
{I Cried for the Second Time}

  • I watched the Usher Tell All on Oprah's Next Chapter. {Oprah's Next Chapter is one of my favorite shows on the O Network}

  • I played with the dogs. 
  • I went Braid's Maid dress shopping with the Sister and found my dress!!! The picture below does not do the dress justice. It is super cute. It will be in grey. And we are shortening it!!!  
{The Perfect Dress}

  • I watched a lot of Football. 

  • I took multiple naps. 

  • I worked on the puzzle. 

  • I checked my Fantasy Football Team {Hit It Betty} multiple times. 

What's a wife to do when the husbands away? Absolutely nothing!

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