Monday, September 10, 2012

{The Last Hurrah on Hit It Betty}

Every year we try and say that Labor Day Weekend is not the last hurrah on the boat, but as the school years starts and football season begins each weekend becomes harder and harder to take the boat out. I believe we have all accepted that "Hit It Betty" should be weatherized for the winter.

The last weekend {Labor Day Weekend} on the reservoir was awesome! We grilled some great food, drank a lot, bribed Mikey to try knee boarding, basked in the sun, play spades and corn-hole and mastered surfing... on a knee board. 

{Mikey Knee Boarding!}

{Preston Showing off his Surfer Lake Shirt}

{The Cup}

{Last Fire of the Summer}

{"I'm Done"}

 When Mikey was on the knee board he asked if this was the sign for done. We all thought it was too cute! 


We had a great summer on the water. Makayla is a professional wake boarder, Mikey can knee board, Dan is so close to mastering a heal side 360, Preston can almost go wake-to-wake, Erin will forever be the toe-side 180 queen and dare-devil, and I finally mastered the heal-side 180. I can not wait for next summer to pick up where we left off!  

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