Friday, August 17, 2012

Neighbors Be Crazy

In Claremont Ranch world we have no water. No water means a lot off weeds zero scaping. The Water Nazi drives the streets at all hours of the night looking for rule breakers watering their weeds lawns at 4am on their non designated watering day. The fine is hefty and only increases each time they catch you. After one ticket you realize trying to be a water rebel is not worth it.

Our nice, quiet, keep to your self neighbors moved to Hawaii and rented out their house. We found this nice letter taped to our door earlier this week.... 


Who does this? I am most positive that is was from our new neighbors. Everyone else has lived in the neighborhood for a long time and most of them have crap yards with weeds. Preston couldn't help himself and had to respond. 

Okay true, we have some weeds going on and not to mention a major ant infestation in the back yard. Since our neighbors are all up in our biz-naz surely they noticed the various landscaping company trucks at our house over the past couple of months. HINT, we have been gathering quotes to redo our yard this summer. 

The funny thing is Preston and I were both thinking that we should pull some weeds since the quote process is taking a bit longer than expected, but now after this letter I can guarantee there will be no weed picking at all. 

Neighbors be crazy! 


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