The Lo Down

1.  I hate writing. Forming intelligent sentences stresses me out. I have no idea why I have a blog.

2.  To get around writting complete coherent sentences, I use bullets and lists a lot.

3. I love lists. The satisfaction I get from crossing off a To Do is priceless.

3.  At the moment I am obsessing over finding new blogs, decorating my house, listening to books on tape, working out and eating healthy.  Last month I obsessed over wake boarding, camping, eating out, Malabo Rum and Diet Dr. Pepper, making bracelets and reading.

4.  My hobbies tend to change day to day. I love starting new projects, but hate finishing them.  My enthusiasm is fierce in the beginning, but dies out shortly there after. At one point in my life I thought this was a fault. I am not fooled anymore.

5.  I was never a dog lover until I read The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. Then I sweet talked my husband into getting a puppy. Before we knew it we had two dogs- Augusta and Harley. We call them White Beard and Prancer.  

6.  I went from never running in my life, to having completed multiple 5K races and 2 triathlons.

7.  I am a pretty emotional person, although I try to hide it if possible. I get it from my mom.

8.  I always knew I would marry my husband. I guess some things you just know.

9.  I love technology and gadgets. I have this bad habit of always trying to fix something if it's not working at par level. I usually tend to break it beyond repair. The combination of curiosity and perfectionism tends to get the best of me.

10. I am not a good cook. In college I called my mom in tears questioning why she didn't teach me. She doesn't know how to cook either.  And neither does my sister. Some things just run in the family.

11. I have had many nick names over the years: Lo, Laya, Adela, Lo Lo, Grace, Farmer Lo and Barbara. Come to think of it so has my husband: P Hole, Pip, JoJo Piff, Captain Pip, P, Prest and George.


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