Thursday, September 13, 2012

{What a Night}

Tonight started out not being my night. I took my Beachbody Ultimate Reset pre-dinner supplements which include 2 pills {Optimize}, 12 drops of liquid on my tongue {Oxygenize} and two huge gulps of "dirt" {detox mixture}. The detox did not go down as planned. My last gulp came right back up in the sink. 

{Detox "Dirt" Concoction}

{Detox Mixed- Nice & Thick}

I have to drink the "dirt" before every meal for 7 days. The taste isn't too bad. But the texture and thickness is puke invoking.

Moving onto dinner. I starting prepping the sweat potato and red pepper bisque. {Bisque is a funny word. Our kitchen appliance color is called bisque. Bisque. Speaking of, we got a new dish washer!! New appliances are soo fun. But spending money on them is not.} Anyways, the recipe said grill or broill a red pepper. First, I had to figure out what broil meant. I always imagined I needed this pan. My parents had one and for some reason I remember my mom using it. What in the world do you cook with this broil pan?
 Here is my first roasted red pepper attempt. 

{Epic Fail}

The smoke alarms went off 4 different times after I took this out of the oven. Here is my second attempt. 
The bisque turned out perfectly! I was actually amazed. I can see me eating this post Reset. 
{Sweat Potato & Roasted Red Pepper Bisque/ Sweat Potato Fries}
Today is day 9 of the Reset. I am down a total of 5.3lbs. My achy legs are gone, I am sleeping amazingly well, but today I've had an awful headache all day. Only 12 more days to go!!  


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