Thursday, September 27, 2012

{First Day Back at the Gym} Post Cleanse

While doing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset cleanse, Beachbody suggests that you do not workout to allow your body to rest and really focus on freeing itself of toxins. Not to mention the food plan is not based around protein intake (which is needed when working out to build muscle). 

Today was my first day back in the gym post cleanse! Oh how I missed that place! This time around my workout cloths fit perfectly! What a huge confidence builder! Here is my cuter workout bag and ratty old shoes. I really want to go to Boulder Running Company and buy some new Asics. Today I got a coupon from BRC- it must be a sign! 

{Cute Workout Bag from Las Vegas}

{Very Old Shoes}
Tonight I lifted upper body. I found the workout plan from Wow, I've lost some strength. My arms were shaking by the time I finished the workout. I always try and write down my workouts to include the number of reps and weight. It's nice to be able to look back and see what you were lifting a month ago to make sure you are lifting heavier. This workout has me doing 3 sets of each exercise, 12 reps each.
{My Workout Log}

{Today's Workout}

{Workout Schedule}

Beachbody came out with a P90X app. The best part is Ab Ripper X is Free!!! Actually is looks like this is the last day you can get it for free. With this app I can listen to Tony Horton explain the moves and watch him in the video. Ab Ripper X is by far the best ab workout out there is.  

This time around, I am going to make sure I stretch after each session. I am the most inflexible person in the world, besides my dad. I fill like it starts in the arches of my feet, moves up my calves and ends at my butt. Everything is really tight. I am really going to work on this!

By the time I finished my workout I was weak and knew I needed some protein immediately to fuel my muscles. I bought an all natural chocolate milk drink from the cafe. Tomorrow I am going to make sure I bring protein powder.

It fills good to be back in the gym!!! 

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