Sunday, December 11, 2011

What I've Learned about Cruisin

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P-Dizzy and I just got back from our cruise to the Eastern Caribbean on the ship Carnival Glory. We had an amazing time! Before I tell you all about it in detail, here are some things that I learned about myself and cruisin.

~ Do not book through a travel agent. Didn't receive much value.

~ Take time to pack... thoughtfully. I packed way to many outfits with some random shirts/skirts/shorts that literally went with nothing.

~ Leave the jewelry at home. I did not wear one necklace the entire trip. Earings is all I needed.

~ Pack more comfy cloths like sweats and sweatshirt. Towards the end of the trip all I wanted was to relax in some sweats.

~ Pack more jackets to wear at night. It gets cold from the air conditioner.  

~ Make sure to pack the right camera charger. My camera died the first day. I dug into my bad to find that I packed the wrong charger! We bought one of those crappy disposable camera's. Hopefully the pictures will turn out half way decent. 

~ Leave the workout clothes at home. I realized that when given the choice I choose alcohol over getting a good nights sleep and running around the track.

~ Pack all the swim suites you can. I am so glad I had a different swim suite for each day.

~ Bring a book. I really enjoyed reading by the pool in the sun.

~ Bring a more comfortable bag to carry to the pool/island that will hold everything and doesn't make your husband look border-line homosexual when he's carrying it.

~ I loved our room. Getting a balcony is the way to go. 

~ Tip the people who really get to know you. We had one waitress, Jo Ann, on the pool deck who really got to know us and brought us buckets after buckets of beer. She was soo amazing and gave us great service. The last night we tipped her personally and the  true emotion and gratitude that she showed us was priceless. She hugged us and kissed us many many times. It is people like her that make your trip wonderful! We also had a couple of waiters in the casino who knew got to know us and what we drank. They loved saying Preston's name and probably remembered us because of it.... or because of how much we drank.  

We had an amazing time and will most defiantly go on another cruise in a couple of years. Now it's time to get ready for Christmas. It didn't feel like Christmas at all in Miami or the Islands. And it doesn't feel like Christmas at our house either. Not sure if I'll put up the tree this year or not.


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