Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Gift from the Universe

It is truly awe striking when you are searching for something- not a physical object but more along the lines of a goal, purpose or answer- and you feel completely lost and overwhelmed and never think the answer or whatever you are searching for you will come to you and then out of nowhere during a time when you are least expecting it or are not even focusing on it the answer just presents itself to you like a gift from the Universe.

This exact thing happened to me this evening.

You see I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE setting goals and thinking about the future and my dreams and everything I want to accomplish. But this year has been different. Coming up with my 2012 goals seemed daunting and boring and I knew they would be very similar to 2011's goals. So I began to get squirmy. I talked to Preston and asked if we could sit down and talk about them {we like to make sure we are both on the same page} and put them in writing. Maybe if I can get Preston excited I will become excited about setting them.

So we set a date to discuss them and so I sat down at my computer this evening and starting typing them out so I would be ready to share and receive input. As I typed my brain powered off. I felt very overwhelmed and annoyed for not coming up with anything besides the obvious.

I started writing my list.
1. Financial
2. Fitness
3. Marriage
4. Personal Growth
5. Giving Back
6. Organization
7. Work
8. 30 Before Thirty List

Then it hit me. I am not excited to make goals for 2012 because I have this huge 30 Before Thirty list looming over my head. I know, I created this list and the world is not going to end it I don't achieve all 30 items but it will go down as another project that Lori started but didn't finish.

I then become soo completely frustrated I started reading some of the blogs I follow. I ran across this blog: The Athletarian  and a post about a fitness program she is following and her new desire to become lean and fit. Out of curiosity I Googled the program she was doing and found Jamie Eason staring at me telling me about a 12 week fitness program she put together for women. Interesting I thought. So I watched the intro video  and I knew immediately, like a gift sent from the Universe, what my main 2012 goal/focus should be. 

More to come!

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