Friday, December 2, 2011

{30 Before Thirty} 2 Down

Wow, I am really behind in the blogging front. I have been super busy and just haven't found the time. It's about time I update the 30 Before Thirty list.

29. Go to a bar to play pool. Done-Zo! A couple three weeks ago P-Dizzy, D & H and I went to my favorite pool playing bar- CJ's. We listened to some pretty good karaoke and played some pool. They all tried their best to talk me into signing a tune, but the timing wasn't right. Nothing is more embarrassing then being the worst {undrunk} karaoke singer in the bar.  We did find an open table and play some pool. I feel pretty cool when I bend way down to shoot a shot {just like a professional pool player} and I miss.

Professional Pool Player: Jeanette Lee

19. Put together a puzzle: P-Wee and I started to put together a puzzle at least 4 months ago. We put together all of the easy parts and were left with the endless bookshelves. The puzzle set in our living room for multiple weeks. I didn't touch it and P-Wee wasn't interested in it. I moved the card table to the dining room when I started to decorate the living room. Then I got my dining room set and decided to pack up the puzzle.... unfinished. I took a picture of the pathetic puzzle, but I can't seem to find it. Any who, I am checking this one off my list.

Only 19 more to go.  

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