Thursday, November 10, 2011

{30 Before Thirty} WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Now that I am officially 29, I think it's time to review my 30 Before Thirty List and try and figure what the hell I was thinking on some of these!!!

30 Before Thirty

01.  Finish wedding scrapbook: hmm not really sure if this is going to get done. I haven't been in the scrap booking mood in a long time. But it would be nice to have a book full of memories. I will have this done!

02.  Complete Rosetta Stone Spanish program: totally NOT going to happen. I have no reason to speak Spanish and so if I do learn it, it will never be used. Not to mention the program is crazy expensive!!  I am inserting a new to do that I have happened to complete: Score Jack Quinn 10 Run Shirt

03.  Compete in a race longer than a 5k: this will happen

04.  Make homemade noodles: I should make this for Thanksgiving. If I don't maybe for Christmas or Easter. This will happen. 

05.  Climb Pikes Peak or other 14teener: I really want to do this. It's going to have to involve some other people, so that might be tricky. But I will try my best!

06.  Take a family photo (Cheese)
07.  Start to furnish house (Furnishings)
08.  Aggressively fund retirement and savings accounts ($$)
09.  Go on 2 vacations not including Las Vegas: this is a little silly. P-Diddy and I have gone to Vegas twice this year and we go on a cruise in December. I am grateful we are able to go on even one vacation let alone three. I will consider this complete once we return from our cruise. 
10.  Get in the best shape of my life: working on it, but have a long way to go. Ass Kicker is doing his best to help me achieve this.

11.  Go snowboarding (Snowboarding)
12.  Sing Karaoke: I hate karaoke. Why did I choose this?? But I'll do it. 
13.  Attempt to surf: this is going to be hard to accomplish. I am hoping I can surf on one of the excursions during our cruise. 

14.  Dinner at the Penrose Room at The Broadmoor: love the Penrose Room! Can't wait to fulfill this one!
15.  Drinks at The Golden Bee: never been. Will probably wait until Baby Fetters is born so Josh and Ash can enjoy the bees with us.

16.  Get a tattoo: man I really want one.  But I'm chicken. It's a huge decision. I know what I want, but honestly it doesn't have a lot of meaning behind it.
17.  Do the stairs at Air Force Academy: will do this!
18.  Do something fun for 10 year reunion (10 Year Reunion)
19.  Put together a puzzle: this one is done, I just need to blog about it. 

20.  Spend a night in, drinking wine with The Hustler (Undeveloped Wino)
21.  Get a picture of Harley playing in the water at the lake (Harley Swimming)
22.  Take pictures of Grammie and Poppie (Grammie & Poppy)
23.  Host a dinner party: I finally got a china cabinet to hold all of my wedding china. This is going to happen soon!! 

24.  Get eyebrows waxed: I have a gift certificate from Ash, I just need to do it. 

25.  Play Wii Tennis  (Wii Madness)
26.  Recreate Boulder Creek trip with Ashley, Lindsey and Brea: decided to raft instead of tube this year. Next year I will make sure to tube down Boulder Creek! 

27.  BFF Night Out: waiting for Lil Fetters to be born. 

28.  Try rollers in hair: 1. I need some sort of special occasion 2. Need to buy rollers.

29.  Go to a bar specifically to play pool: I have really been wanting to go to CJ's and play pool wih Presto-Magic. Maybe this weekend?

30.  Create photo mural from Photocraft book: I am counting the gallery wall for this one. I just need black and white pictures to complete the gallery. 
I really only have 18 left and only 16 if you include the gallery wall and waxed eye brows. Wow, this post made me feel 100% better. I was starting to stress over this silly list. In all actuality it's not soo bad. Most of the tasks seem doable and fun. 
What I am  not looking forward to is finishing the scrapbook {sounds like a daunting task} and singing karaoke {way out of my comfort zone}.  
Other than that, they are all totally doable!!!  


  1. You can totally get a 14er in! If I were you, I'd do Gray/Torrey or Bierstadt--those are the best for your first time up. You'll be addicted!!

  2. Thanks Heather. I didn't know what one to tackle first, besides the obvious Pikes Peak!