Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No Halloween Candy Thursday

Wednesday nights are very special. For some ungodly reason I pay someone to torture me. Tonight was my 5th personal training session with Ass Kicker. Finally for the first time, I hit my groove! I was able to complete most of the exercises without needing a break. I felt confident and powerful. I've hit my stride!

Tonight's workout was based around the "Octane" elliptical. Craziest machine I have ever been on. I even did this move pictured below. We worked the entire body starting with arms all the way to legs.

I then met some friends for Zumba. Gotta get my groove on! I swear Ashley only comes to watch me make a complete fool of myself. It might be her favorite pass time.      

The best thing about tonight was my conversation with Ass Kicker and how I should be eating better if I am putting all my energy and time into working out. Turns out you have to eat healthy in order to see results. Who knew? Ass Kicker challenged me to lose 2lbs by next Wednesday. Game on!!! The goal is to stay away from starches and eat a ton of veges, fruit and lean protein. Sounds easy-peasy right...? Good think I also challenged my sister-from-the-same-mr to a water chug-a-lug marathon {drink at least 64oz of water} and zero tolerance for Halloween candy tomorrow. Talk about great timing!

Oh ya I almost forgot. I reached a running milestone. I am apart of the elite most popular running club ever- Jack Quinn's Running Club! Check out this hot picture of me receiving my 10 run shirt.

My lil sis is at 6 or 7 runs, Augusta is at 3 and Harley 2. We are a pretty big deal! Now's probably not the time to mention that a friend received her century shirt. She's probably a bigger deal!

Okay so where's to many, many trips to the bathroom and no Halloween candy Thursday!!!!  

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