Monday, November 7, 2011

Living Room Makeover

About a month ago we bought new couches {Harley thought the pillows on our old couches were his personal chew toy. Interesting to note that he doesn't even look twice at his old chew toy that is not located in the sitting room}. The new couches made for the perfect opportunity to redecorated the outdated, old ladyish looking room.

I knew I wanted a more stylish, cohesive room. After much thought {two seconds} I chose to decorate in navy blue, white and silver {stole this exact color combo from my sister}. Navy blue in anything is extremely hard to find! P-Dizzy and I started our search at Ikea. We found a great rug, pictures, blanket and standing lamp. Because our new couches have kick-outs we ditched the coffee table. We found the perfect end table at American Furniture Warehouse.

For about two weeks straight I did a lot of shopping at antique stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Ross, TJ Max, Wal-Mart, Target, World Market and garage sales.

I probably should have taken a before picture so you can really be impressed.

Pictures: Ikea
Lamp, blanket, pictures: Ikea; Pillow: Target; Couch: Lazey Boy

Rug: Ikea

Close Up

Vase I had lying around: spray painted

Candle Holder spray painted: Goodwill; Candle spray painted

Head: Ross {I should probably know what "God" this is}

Owl: Antique Store

Candle Holder: World Market

New Plant
Vase: Ross

Crate to hold blankets and pillow: Ross

Candle holder I already had spray painted

Pot spray painted: Goodwill

Light house spray painted: Target; Random books: Salvation Ary
End Table: AFW; Plant Pot: Ross; Owl spray painted: World Market; spray painted candle

Spray painted owl

Spray painted bowl and balls I had lying around
Box and shoe box converted to movie/game holder: spray painted navy blue

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  1. Looks great Lori! I LOVE that rug and the trunk to hold blankets and such. And look at you go with the spray all looks amazing!