Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wii Madness

My Sista and her Mr. came over and played Wii tennis with The Hustler and I. I forgot just how much I love Wii tennis! Is is my favorite Wii game.

The Hustler and I also tested our Wii age. Usually the Wii says your age is 80 or something crazy like that. To my surprise my Wii age was 33- not bad at all!  The Hustler was in the 50's or 60's. Ha take that Hustler!!

There is a tragic story however to this night. The Hustler and I where in a close game of tennis and I was serving. The Hustler has a wicked return that results in a point every-single-time. The only way to combat is to bring the heat with the serve. I knew that if I wanted to win I had to send a rocket fire. I got so into it on my down swing I hit Augusta on the head with the remote which flew out of my hand and hit the wall making a dent. The sad story is Augusta's lump on her head. For the remainder of the night she would not come into the living room and hid upstairs. So so sad!  

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  1. Lori! Be nice to your animals! I'm sorry...poor Augusta. Luckily she has a small brain and probably forgot the whole incident by now, but give her a big hug anyway!