Monday, November 1, 2010

November Points

Tonight a friend from work and I met for our monthly points dinner at Salsa Brava. Each month we meet and go over our points list and add "to do" items to it.

For this month we decided we have to reach 27 points by the 29th. Most months we add a twist to the game to make it more exciting. Last month we identified a couple of must do items that had to be completed by today. My items were schedule a vet appointment for Harley and clean the two ceiling fans. This time around we decided that half of the 27 points must come from specific identified items on our list that we view as a must do.

I selected the following for a total of 15 points:
- Clean TV entertainment area (3 points)
- Dust blinds and wash window by TV (5 points)
- Clean bathtub in Master (2 points)
- Clean trash out of window wells (3 points)
- Put together Craft Room (2 points)

The remaining 12 points can come from any other categories on my list. I break my list down into 5 categories: Clean, To Do, To Buy, Fitness and Reoccurring. Here are some of the items I have on my points list.

- Storage Room (5 points)
- Doors (1 point per door)
- Junk Drawer (3 points)
- Base boards (2 points per room)

To Do
- Organize recipes (4 points)
- Go to Pawn Shops with the husband (2 points)
- Recycle plastic bags (1 point)
- Watch Sound of Music (3 points)
- Sent out Christmas Cards (5)
- Make Bucket List (1)
- Get a tattoo (5)
- Touch up paint around the house (5)
- Scrapbook (1 point per page)
- Hang shelves in Dinning Room (5)
- Schedule dentist appointment (5)
- Go sledding (5)

To Buy
- Water can (1)
- New plant (1)
- ShoDazzle (5)
- Dog collar (1)
- Brown dress pants (5)
- Earrings (2)

- Donation or hot yoga (5)
- Take Zumba class (5)
- Complete Turbo Jam (5)
- Eat clean for 10 days (2)

Reoccurring (only allowed to get 1 point)
- Mop main floor
- Clean vanity and mirror in Master
- Clean Fridge
- Clean toilet
- Organize pantry
- Iron cloths
- Vacuum couch

This game is a great way to motivate you to do things that you know need to be done, but that you keep putting off. Try it!


  1. A tattoo??? I like that one lol and the zumba one is a must!! I love it


  2. Erin I really, Really, REALLY want a tatto but I am gun shy and afraid I will pick the wrong design or when I'm 80 say what the hell was I thinking! I am sure Preston has a bet out there with someone (more than likely your husband)that I will never get a tatto!
    You have seen me dance... no beat so I am a little scared of Zumba!