Friday, November 12, 2010

30 Before Thirty

I recently turned 28. People have asked me if I feel different- older. The answer is no. Honestly before my 28th birthday I couldn't remember if I was 27 or 28. I think half of the time I thought I was already 28. The only difference I can see is I am only 2 years away from 30. Now 30 sounds old! No more twenty something who can get away with anything.  At 30 people expect you to be responsible and have your shit together.

The Hustler truly believes most women go through a semi mid-life crisis at age 30. He says he is already preparing for my crisis!? I have no idea what he is talking about, but he says he knows people whose wives went through the 30 crisis. Does anyone else know what he is talking about? I get the feeling he is not looking forward to me turning 30 either.

Lately I have come across blogs that talk about a 30 Before Thirty list- something like a Bucket List, but the items must be checked off by your 30th birthday. Since I love lists I thought this was right up my alley!

30 Before Thirty
01.  Finish wedding scrapbook
02.  Complete Rosetta Stone Spanish program
03.  Compete in a race longer than a 5k
04.  Make homemade noodles
05.  Climb Pikes Peak or other 14teener
06.  Take a family photo (Cheese)
07.  Start to furnish house (Furnishings)
08.  Aggressively fund retirement and savings accounts ($$)
09.  Go on 2 vacations not including Las Vegas
10.  Get in the best shape of my life
11.  Go snowboarding (Snowboarding)
12.  Sing Karaoke
13.  Attempt to surf
14.  Dinner at the Penrose Room at The Broadmoor
15.  Drinks at The Golden Bee
16.  Get a tattoo (TATTOO)
17.  Do the stairs at Air Force Academy
18.  Do something fun for 10 year reunion (10 Year Reunion)
19.  Put together a puzzle
20.  Spend a night in, drinking wine with The Hustler (Undeveloped Wino)
21.  Get a picture of Harley playing in the water at the lake (Harley Swimming)
22.  Take pictures of Grammie and Poppie (Grammie & Poppy)
23.  Host a dinner party
24.  Get eyebrows waxed
25.  Play Wii Tennis  (Wii Madness)
26.  Recreate Boulder Creek trip with Ashley, Lindsey and Brea
27.  BFF Night Out
28.  Try rollers in hair
29.  Go to a bar specifically to play pool
30.  Create photo mural from Photocraft book


  1. Ooooooh, I wanna play...can I? I know I'm already "over" 30, but don't be surprised if I'm right next to you on #'s: 3, 5, 9, 15, 16, 17, 23...

  2. Okay I'm wondering why staying in a Yurt didn't make your list?!?!?

  3. Love the list and I can say that 30s are much better. I definitely have my shit together more in my 30s...that's for SURE!!

  4. Sure Angie! I am going to count on you for all of those numbers! Hiking Pikes Peak terrifies me and my cooking is not the best. I am excited for our vacation in April!
    Ashley, I was afraid that we wouldn't get to it by the time I turned 30. That only gives us this winter and next winter to plan it. Okay I should have put it on the list!
    Thanks Rhonda! I'm glad to hear 30's are better!

  5. Let's start planning #18 (I am assuming 10 year HS reunion???)