Sunday, November 4, 2012

{30 Before Thirty} My First Tattoo!

I finally got my first tattoo!!! I spent endless hours looking at tattoo ideas on Pinterest. One Saturday morning I picked the tattoo, font and showed Preston. He said I like it, let's go today. Like a true tattoo newb, I called around and booked us for the first tattoo artist that could get us in that day.  I knew if we didn't get them right then we never would.

Luckily, our tattoos turned out great and we both love them!

{Waiting to get our tattoos}

{you and me}

{Preston trying not to think about the pain}

{My first tattoo!}
{Preston's second tattoo}

In the beginning, I went to great measures to cover up my tattoo at work. It worked because my boss didn't notice for many months. I still wear bracelets to hide it, but I'm not worried if it pops out.
{Attempting to cover up my tattoo}

{Arm Candy}

{Pile it on}

I think I want a second tattoo. I just don't know when and if I can endure the pain! Here is what I am liking:

Source: via Lori on Pinterest
Source: via Lori on Pinterest

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