Saturday, November 3, 2012

30 Before Thirty

Since I'm 30 today, I better update my 30 Before Thirty list. It's funny how much your interests change in 2 years. I'm looking over my 30 Before Thirty list and some of the items I have on the list seem silly today. Let's re-examine the list.

30 Before Thirty

01.  Finish wedding scrapbook
Totally did NOT happen. I don't think I attempted to work on my wedding scrapbook once. 
02.  Complete Rosetta Stone Spanish program
Ya, I don't even own the program. 
03.  Compete in a race longer than a 5k
This is a hard one. I really wanted to run a 1/2 marathon, but I couldn't convince myself to put in the time. Actually, let's blame this one on my BFF. She got pregnant and wasn't there to train with me. All your fault Ash!! 
04.  Make homemade noodles
I am planning on making homemade noodles this Thanksgiving. 
05.  Climb Pikes Peak or other 14teener
This goal all depends on one person.... yes I am talking about you DAN! I still hope to do this one day. 
06.  Take a family photo (Cheese)
07.  Start to furnish house (Furnishings)
08.  Aggressively fund retirement and savings accounts ($$)
09.  Go on 2 vacations not including Las Vegas
DONE! Stay tuned.
10.  Get in the best shape of my life
So sad. But I have a plan. Stay tuned. 
11.  Go snowboarding (Snowboarding)
12.  Sing Karaoke 
Done! Stay tuned.
13.  Attempt to surf
Done! Stay tuned. 
14.  Dinner at the Penrose Room at The Broadmoor
Didn't happen, but someday. Since I have already been to the Penrose Room {even with Preston} I'm not too disappointed. 
15.  Drinks at The Golden Bee
Going here tonight with my bestest friends for my birthday!!! 
16.  Get a tattoo (TATTOO)
17.  Do the stairs at Air Force Academy
Let's just say that this past summer was not about working out. 
18.  Do something fun for 10 year reunion (10 Year Reunion)
19.  Put together a puzzle
Done! Stay tuned. 
20.  Spend a night in, drinking wine with The Hustler (Undeveloped Wino)
21.  Get a picture of Harley playing in the water at the lake (Harley Swimming)
22.  Take pictures of Grammie and Poppie (Grammie & Poppy)
23.  Host a dinner party
I need to do this soon! 
24.  Get eyebrows waxed
Although I have waxed my eyebrows myself within the last 2 years, I have not gotten them professionally done. Ashley even gave me a gift certificate for this for my birthday last year. 
25.  Play Wii Tennis  (Wii Madness)
26.  Recreate Boulder Creek trip with Ashley, Lindsey and Brea
Done! Stay tuned. 
27.  BFF Night Out
Done! Stay tuned.
28.  Try rollers in hair
Really, I have this on my list. I'm saying Done! Stay tuned. 
29.  Go to a bar specifically to play pool
Done! Stay tuned.
30.  Create photo mural from Photocraft book 
Fail. But I did create a wall gallery so I'm counting this as done! 

 Actually I completed most of the items on the list. Pretty cool!

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