Monday, March 7, 2011

i heart you

Most times the scale is my sworn enemy. But this morning I wanted to jump up and down, scream with joy and hug my scale!
Finally, Frank-O-Meter flashed the number I have been waiting to see all week!


That's right, I am officially out of the 130's for good! I vow to never go back. The 130's will NOT be missed- here's why.

1. I had a muffin top when I was in the 130's.
2. I couldn't order cloths from a magazine or internet, because I had to try everything on first. 
3. I couldn't just walk into my closet and throw on the first shirt I saw. 
4. My body shape did not do well in the 130's.
5. And most importantly I didn't feel comfortable in the 130's.    

 I am truly so excited! I am even more motivated and determined to lose the last 10 or so pounds!

Starting Weight (2/28/11): 134.6lbs
Total Weight Loss: -5.2lbs
Current Weight: 129.4lbs
Goal: 120lbs
Emotion: Ecstatic! 


  1. Good work Lori! I was just excited to see that I hadn't gained any weight when I got on the scale this morning...Tressie's 1st birthday party = a lot of cake and ice cream :)

  2. Thanks! The decorations for Tressie's party looked adorable!! And the cupcakes!!!