Thursday, March 17, 2011

Swim Lesson

I thought today's workout was going to be easy. A nice break from two days of hard running. Ashley had something else in mind. 

Ashley found time to research swim technique drills. And so instead of swimming our usual .5 mile at our usual pace, we tried something new. 

I won't bore you with what our workout consisted of, but we worked on kicking and stroke. We were surprised at how much stronger our legs were from last time we did used the kick board. We actually kicked for 200 yards straight. A huge accomplishment for us both! The lady in the next lane however, wasn't as enthusiastic about our kicking as we were. She might have gotten splashed a couple times.

Ashley and I also taught ourselves how to do a flip-turn! We have been trying to learn how to do a flip-turn forever. Today it all just clicked.   

Starting Weight (2/28/11): 134.6lbs
Current Weight: 130.6lbs
Total Weight Loss: -4lbs
Goal Weight: 120lbs
Note: So, so tired. 

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