Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Hobby

I am a lot better at racquetball than I remembered (but not by a lot). 

Today my BFF, her husband, The Hustler a.k.a. Super Star and I played racquetball at the Y. Side note: I remember why I am not a member of the Y although Super Star is. The kids run wild and the pool lap lanes are overflowing with kids, swim lessons and swim aerobics classes. It also has the feeling of a school. It might be all of the brick.

Anyways, Super Star is pretty good at racquetball. He could have destroyed us with his serve alone, but was kind enough to go easy on us. My serve on the other hand is pitiful and I serve it to the opposing players strong hand every time.

Super Star says the two most important tips to racquetball are 1) move your feet and 2) learn how the ball comes off the wall. I sometimes have a hard time with #2. I get all turned around and backwards.  

My new fancy-smancy heart rate monitor/watch said I burned around 300 calories and my max heart rate was around 160. I am liking this new gadget!

Racquetball might be my new Saturday hobby as long a Super Star can put up with my poor skills.

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