Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love Languages

My #1 PRIORITY in my life is my marriage (family and friends). To honor my priority, this year I have set a goal to strengthen my marriage. Let me first reassure you, nothing is wrong with my marriage in fact it's great, but I also know it is important to work on your marriage so one day you do not wake up out-of-love or unhappy.

I have set a goal to read one book on marriage every quarter. I just finished reading The 5 Love Languages by Chapman. Chapman argues there are 5 love languages that we speak.

 1. Words of Affirmation
 2. Quality Time
 3. Gifts
 4. Acts of Service 
 5. Physical Touch 

I, for example, fall under the Words of Affirmation category. This means that for my "love tank" to be completely full The Hustler should show me love by saying encouraging and kind and humbling words to me.

The Hustler's love language is Quality Time. For me to speak to his love language I should spend time with him doing activities he likes to do, give him my undivided attention and listen to what he is saying without interrupting.

How great is it to know exactly how your spouse receives love. I would have never thought The Hustler's love language is Quality Time. Now I know how important it is to give him my attention without browsing the internet or watching tv. It also makes sense why he gets so upset when I interrupt him.

This is a book every couple should read!  


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