Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stupid Logic

Does anybody else do this? Work their butts off working out and then eat like crap for the rest of the day? 

A co-worker and I were talking today and she brought this up. Not because this is what she does, no she is a workout superstar! She completed the Jullian Michaels hard core online fitness program, then P90X, then Turbo Fire and now she is on Insanity! I am telling you, she has a drive like no one else! Oh ya did I mention she has a full time job, a very active son, husband and is a Beachbody Coach who has an extremely clean house with dinner on the table every night! 

The conversation I had with my friend should have knocked me upside the head the moment it was over. It wasn't until after tonight's workout that I realized h-e-l-l-0, this is exactly what I am doing!!!! I am going to the gym working out hard while eating like crap all day and then getting upset when the scale goes up and I have to pay my $5 in the Work Weight-loss pot. 

Talk about stupid logic. I had myself convinced that if I went to the gym at least 3 times a week I would not have to focus on what I was eating and yet I would miraculously lose weight and keep it off. If only...    

So here's the deal-yo.
1) I will eat clean for the next 6 days starting right now! 
2) I will weigh myself in the morning and record how much I lose in these 6 days to remind myself that eating clean is worth it. 
3) I will allow myself a free pass on Friday night (did I mention that I have BUNCO Friday night with the girlies?).
4) I will go grocery shopping tomorrow, plan my meals and not eat out.

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