Monday, October 25, 2010

You Vote

What should Preston's fake blog name be? Please vote on the right.

I'll give you a little background on each option.

1. The Hustler: Preston loves to play pool (billiards). He is actually pretty good.
2. P-Dawg: my sister gave Preston this name.
3. Mr. Schnaz: what can I say, Preston has a big nose.
4. George: this is what I call Preston (he calls me Barbara). Don't ask why. We have no idea why we call each other this.
5. Efren: one of Preston's favorite professional billiards pool player is Efren Reyes.

*I have ran all of these possible names by Preston and he is okay with them all.


  1. Haha! I got the idea from your blog actually!

  2. I would prefer if you called him MR. Vanderlay.

  3. Honestly I had to look up who or what Valderlay is. Seinfeld reference???