Sunday, October 3, 2010

I got punched in the face by a Kindergartner.

This weekend I got punched in the face by a Kindergartner. And he totally meant to punch me in the face. He then proceeded to glance at his mom to see if she saw him punch me in the face, which she didn't. I then firmly pushed him off my lap, gave him the stink eye and ignored him. He then started to punch himself in the jaw, repeatedly. His mom didn't see this either. Nor did she see her wild child try to trip Ashley, jump on her back and break her fingers.

Some might think I should have told the mom what her out-of-control son just did, but she was having such a good time. Why would I want to ruin the one night of the month where she gets to forget about being a mom, hang out with other women, drink margaritas and smell Scentsy candles? Plus how bad would you feel if your son punched someone in the face that you just met?  


  1. You totally should have told her... I would hope someone would tell me!

  2. One's happiness should not harm others, you should have brought these incidents to the mother's notice.

  3. Oh my! You officially have my permission to punch Tressie back if she ever did this to you!