Wednesday, October 6, 2010

True Life Story

I woke up last night at 11:30pm to dogs aggressively barking. I realized our dogs were not in the room which meant they were probably the ones barking. I walk downstairs and yell, "Harley". He comes in from outback, but in a scared and hunched over position like mom it's not me. The barking still continues so I call Augusta. Sure enough it's Augusta. This strikes me as odd because Augusta hardly ever barks. If any of our dogs are barking it's usually Harley. But compared to the other neighborhood dogs Harley is very quiet.

I get the dogs back upstairs, tuck them into bed... Let me stop here. I know what you're thinking. Did she just say tuck them into bed? Yes I physically tuck Augusta into bed with a blanket. She gets cold easily. Harley is tough as rocks. He prefers to lay on his blanket. Back to the story... Two seconds later Augusta is up again barking aggressively. P-Dawg and I look outside... nothing. We close the curtains- thinking this will stop her. SHE KEEPS BARKING AND GROWLING! She jumps up onto our bed and lays at my feet, Harley goes and lays at the top of the stairs. The barking keeps up for awhile and then I fall asleep. 
Another bark. I wake up and convience myself and P-Dawg that I hear something. He gets up, grabs his gun and he and the dogs go looking throughout the house. I stay upstairs and look out our bedroom window into the back yard. I see naked P-Dawg and the dogs go out back and look around. Augusta starts barking, but they don't see anything. They shut the door and go back inside. I am still looking out the window when all of a sudden I see a person in a white shirt run across the neighbors back yard and out the gate (I actually hear the gate open and close). At this point I am glued to the window waiting, watching. I finally realize what I just saw and yell to Preston, "I saw someone and he ran down the road!!"
We then throw on some cloths and get into the truck. We drive around the neighborhood looking for any signs of life. Nothing.
We go home, tuck the dogs in and go back to sleep. Augusta doesn't make another sound for the rest of the night.
The next morning I notice our shed door out back is open. Odd. I don't remember it being open yesterday or last night. Could be a coincidence... 
We think the neighbors have a son. The loud blasting Metallica music is what tips us off. 
So the question is... 
Did I see a burglar or a kid sneaking out of his house

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