Saturday, October 23, 2010

What is a "Coach"?

So you hear me talk all the time about how I am a Beachbody Coach. I am usually talking about the post workout drink called P90X Recovery Drink, or the delicious meal replacement drink called Shakeology and workouts such as P90X, Insanity or Turbo Jam. Let me give you an idea of what a Beachbody Coach is and what all is involved.

First of all let me be clear, to be a Coach you DO NOT have to be fit, skinny, a male or female, a gym rat or health nut. When you sign up to become a Coach, Beachbody does not screen to see if you meet some preconcieved criteria. So if you have ever thought well I don't workout everyday or I just started on my fitness journey and I still have x amount of pounds to lose STOP!! Anyone can be a Beachbody Coach. Let me say it again, you don't have to be extremely fit to be a Coach.   

Okay now we can move on. Being a Coach has a couple of purposes. And it will be differnet for everyone. First of all, as a Coach you receive 25% off of all products and suppliments including Shakeology. This is one of the reasons why I became a Coach. I had bought Turbo Jam and was getting ready to buy P90X when Monica (my Coach) mentioned the Coaching opportunity and what I would save on my order if I was a Coach. Then Beachbody came out with Shakeology (the most amazing meal replacement/weight loss shake ever). The sticker price is $119 for a months supply (we will go into why it is so pricy later). But as a Coach I get it for $96 after tax and I don't have to pay shipping because I am on Home Direct. I also drink the P90X Recovery Drink after hard workouts. So I have bought 3 workout programs and I drink Shakeology every day and the Recovery Drink after every hard workout. So for me the discounts I get on the products is reason enought to be a Coach.

The second reason why some people become a Coach is the potential to earn a primary or secondary income. I have met people who have been able to quit their full time job and support their family with their Coaching income. I have also met mom's who were able to stay at home with their kids because of the income they are receiving from their Beachbody business. This does not happen over night, but it does happen. Beachbody is always saying if you want to succeed treat your Beachbody business like a business.

So how do you make money? In a nut shell you receive a percentage of your customer orders. The percentage varies by the product. Also as you get Coaches in your downline, you receive a percentage of what they sell as well. Beachbody has all of the tools available for you to suceed it just depends on how much time you want to put into it and what you want to get out of it.

The third reason why people become a Coach is they enjoy helping others. This is the most rewarding part of being a Coach. It is humbling to know you are inspiring others to make a change in their heating habits or motivating someone to start a workout program. It also makes YOU, as the Coach, more accountable. When you know people are looking up to you for guidence you are less likey to give up on your fitness journey.

People become Coaches for different reasons. Beachbody is a great company to work for and their products are some of the best out there. The transformations people have made in their lives because of Beachbody products are truely amazing. I truely believe in the Beachbody products so it's not really about selling anything. It's about telling people about this amazing shake called Shakeology and what it has done for me and my health and millions of others.

The reason why I am telling you all of this is a couple of reasons. One so you know and understand why I am always talking about eating clean or workingout. I have made a committment to myself to get in the best shape of my life and hopefully motivate others along the way. I realized how much I enjoy talking about my fitness goals and challenging myself to eat clean. It dawned on me, hey this is something I am passionate about. Beachbdoy has given me the workouts and suppliments to get fit and a reason to talk about my fitness journey and share what I have learned with others.

The second reason is from now until the end of December, Beachbody is making it easy for you to become a Coach. For this limited time, Beachbody is signing up coaches for FREE. Okay so what does FREE mean? They are waiving the $39.95 new coach fee while still providing you with the New Coach Welcome Kit. You also get 30 days free access to the Online Coach Office, a personalized Website for your customers to order from and backoffice support. After the first 30 days, if you still feel like this is something you would like to continue with, Beachbody will start to charge you $14.99 per month to pay for your website, payroll processing and backoffice support. That's it. No other charges are fees. Just $14.99 per month and you are a Coach. There is no contracts so you can cancel your Coach status anytime.

This is really great offer! If you have ever thought about becoming a Coach and have put it off for one reason or anther, now is the time to revisit the idea. Please let me know if you have any quesitons! You can also view my website at for more information.

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