Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photography Lesson

Last class we talked about how to photograph animals, nature and macro items.

- The animal should be looking into the picture (face pointing in towards the left).
- If the animal is positioned in an S shape it is more pleasing to the eye.
- It adds to the picture if the camera captures the light flash in the animals eye. 

Nature/ Landscape
- Better to have shadows in the picture to show depth. 
- Use a polarizer to darken bright skies.
- Have a WOW factor in the picture that makes the person say "I wish I was there".
- Use foreground objects to create scale and depth. 

Macro/ Close-Ups
- Even lighting is better.
- When you are outside and its cloudy, look down. There is always something on the group to take a picture of.
- Use simple background with a shallow depth of field.
- When photographing flowers watch wind and dead leaves.

Here are the pictures I am showing tomorrow to represent close-up shots.

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