Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Life Goals... 2010

I love the beginning of each new year.I become extremely focused in organizing my life by setting new short term and long term goals. Below are my personal priorities, resolutions and goals for 2010. Priorities 1. Marriage/Family/Friends 2. Debt Free 3. Health/Fitness 4. Hobbies 5. Vacation Resolutions 1. Train and compete in a triathlon 2. Eat Healthy 3. Organize House 4. Schedule doctors appointments 5. Work on Beachbody Business 6. Blog 7. Be more involved in finances 8. Stay focused on goals January Goals 1. Start diet on 1/4/10 and stay on diet until 1/21/10 2. Plan out meals every Sunday 3. Join a gym to train for triathlon 4. Plan out triathlon schedule 5. Workout 5 days a week until Las Vegas 6. Blog once a week 7. Organize house 8. Pick up poop in backyard 9. Clean garage 10. Change Preston's life insurance 11. Set-up and manage personal finance spreadsheet 3 Month Goals 1. Train for triathlon 5-6 days per week 2. Incorporate P90X workout into triathlon training schedule 3. Eat Healthy 4. Contribute to HSA 5. Have scheduled doctors appointments 6. Be debt free (except for the house) 7. Contribute to emergency fund 8. Contribute to Roth IRAs 9. Have house organized 1 Year Goals 1. Have competed in a triathlon 2. Be in great shape= 14% body fat 3. Have expanded Beachbody business 4. Be on track to fully fund Roths for 2010 5. Have 1/3 of goal in emergency fund 6. Have money in HSA 7. Have gone rafting 8. Have gone indoor rock climbing It is extremely important to write down your goals! "Written goals clarify thinking, objectify their potential, and reinforce commitment" (http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Pius_Ephenus). What are your goals? Write them down and share them with someone to keep you accountable. Review them often and adjusted them as needed. One last thought, people who DREAM BIG ACHIEVE MORE!

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