Friday, January 15, 2010

Gym Report and Then Some

I decided to take yesterday morning off; I was so tired and I knew my workout would suffer because of it. I always take 1-2 days off to allow my body to rest, also to keep myself from burning out. I literally had to force myself out of bed this morning. It shows how easy it is to get out of habit. I have been getting up in the A.M. for almost 2 weeks now! I leave for Las Vegas on Thursday, the real test will be if I can get back into the groove when I get back. I was supposed to do P90X Legs and Shoulders this morning, but I just wasn't feeling it. Instead I decided to try my luck on the treadmill. This time I put the incline on 1.0 and vowed to run one mile, possibly two if I wasn't dying by then, without stopping. The first mile was a little hard, but it was mostly all in my head. I need to work on the mental aspect of it all. I am great at pushing myself in the pool, but I allow myself to think that I need a break when I am running or biking. I ended up running the two miles without stopping. Honestly, I could have ran farther. I ran the first mile in 13 minutes and the second mile in 10 minutes. I decided to step it up in the second mile by increasing the speed by .5 every 15th of a mile. These times aren't great, but I now have a starting point to work from. My short term running goal is to run three consecutive miles each in eight minutes. I burned 207 calories with my highest calorie burn being 8.4. The treadmill reported that I burned 235 calories. Ashley and I were baffled the other day as to why I only burned around 200 calories in the one hour spinning class. I believe the answer has to do with my heart rate, height and calories burned per minute. In the spinning class my highest burn only got to 4.3 or so. My heart rate is also very low. The treadmill wouldn't give me a read when I was at my peak, but only 5 minutes after I ran the two miles it was already back down to 60 BPM. Tomorrow Ashley and I are swimming. My goal is to swim a total of 1250 yards and only stop for a break after each 200 yards. Now for the then some. There is this annoying lady in the locker room that is always getting ready for work at the same time as I am. She is the type of person who thinks the entire locker room is her personal bathroom. When she showers she leaves her bag on the bench by the makeup counter to "save" her spot. She takes up the entire counter with her products. People actually ask her if they can use the COMMUNITY blow dryer. Does anyone else run into these people?

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