Sunday, January 10, 2010

Supplements for Women

I thought I would share with everyone the supplements I am taking to compliment my workouts and healthy eating. Honestly I do not know very much about supplements so I decided to start with Beachbody and Arbonne products. Beachbody P90X Results & Recovery Formula - I take this right after each workout. - It helps reduce muscle soreness. - Provides building blocks for muscle repair and growth. - A small amount of Creatine to boost performance without adding bulk. Arbonne Go Easy! Protein Shake - More than 20 essential vitamins an minerals, plus flaxseed. - Helps you feel fuller longer with three sources of protein. - Helps increase energy. - Contains no saturated or trans fats, cholesterol, artificial sweeteners or colors. Arbonne Daily Power Pack for Women Vitamins - 6 supplements for morning and night. - 1 MultiVitamin Tablet: core vitamins - 1 MultiMineral Tablet: core essential minerals - 2 Calcium Tablets: for critical bone support - 1 Digestive Enzyme Capsule: for optimal digestion - 1 Super Food Antioxidant Tablet: for antioxidant protection, combines whole fruit and vegetable concentrates and extracts that provide beneficial phytonutrients.

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