Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spinning Class from Hell

Yesterday, Ashley and I, attended our first spinning class. The only information we were equipped with was from the gym website which instructed us to bring a towel and water bottle. Right before we left the house we were told by a friend on Facebook to bring a gel seat or wear shorts with a chamois. Thinking spantz would provide the same comfort, we headed for the gym. We arrived early to ensure we got two bikes together IN THE BACK. We both fumbled with our bikes pretending to know what we were doing and jumped on. We patiently peddled in gear 1 (no need to wear ourselves out before the workout) waiting for the instructor. Let me tell you, this workout is not for weak. It was one hour of grueling pain. Afterward, Ashley told me that in the first half of the class she actually thought about leaving! For me the beginning wasn't the bad part. I do remember thinking that my legs might fall off, but the thought must have vanished quickly because at the halfway mark my (sorry guys) vagaga, NOT BUM, hurt so bad! Now I was actually contemplating quitting early! Probably due to our competitive nature and not wanting to show one another weakness we both stuck it out. Can you believe that there is actually a two hour spinning class!!! After the class we spoke to the instructor to see what we could improve on. The list is long! Turns out, Ashley's bike was set-up all wrong which more than likely contributed to her miserable experience. Here is what we learned: 1. Towel optional 2. Water bottle a must (3 water bottles between two people... a little much!) 3. Bike in the back = a good idea 4. Biking shorts a must!! Never step into the room without these!! 5. Underwear... leave them at the door 6. Learning how to properly set-up your bike is key to a good experience Happy Spinning!

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