Friday, August 6, 2010

What Next

I have been obsessively thinking about this question every waking second of every day since the Triathlon. I am frustrated that I still have not found the answer...
I know and feel like I am in great shape and I am worried that if I don't write "on paper, on purpose" another fitness goal it might all slip away. I also know that the last thing I want to do is get burnt out (this is sounding more and more like an excuse than a reason).
So do I start a structured Beachbody workout program like Insanity, ChaLEAN Extreme or Turbo Fire or train for a couple of 5ks coming up (Race for the Cure at Garden of the Gods on September 12th and The Great Pumpkin Race at Venetucci Farms on October 2nd) or set my goals even higher and do another triathlon this year...?
Hello Indecisiveness!
My worst fear is making the wrong decision which is stupid, I know, because the decision that I make will only affect me and probably Preston (but he is so easy going I don't have to worry about that). Will someone just PLEASE tell me what I should do!!!!!!
Here are some other hobbies I would like to find time for (I think...)
1. Photography Class (found one that starts September 16 and runs until November 4th. Mind you this involves buying a camera.)
2. Finish Scrap booking our wedding
3. Read, read, read
4. Knit a couple of wash cloths
5. Work on decorating the house to give it more of a homey feeling
6. Go boating/camping as much as possible before the season is over
7. Get the house clean, clean, clean
8. Drink and fall in love with wine
Okay honestly my To Do Hobby List isn't all that time consuming. I just need to find balance between working out and doing other fun things.
Maybe I will find some answers in the wilderness this weekend or... feel free to tell me what I should do in the comment box below.

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