Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And I'm Back...

From the earlier posts you would have thought that I was on track and a title like "And I'm Back" didn't apply to working out and eating right. But I had a little breakdown today. Let's recap.

Today is Wednesday. Every Wednesday a couple of us at the office report our weight for our little weight loss contest. Yesterday I weighed 132.6. Which meant that this morning I only had to lose .2 pounds to be safe. I thought no big deal. I worked out Monday and Tuesday. Plus I ate well and counted my calories. I honestly thought I had it in the bag.

Yes all of this build up can only mean one thing, I actually gained .4 pounds! UGH!! Talk about disappointment and frustration and $5 more dollars of mine in that damn pot.

For most of the day I wallowed in anger and pondered where I went wrong. I was ready to give up, throw in the towel, drink my wine that has been in the fridge for over a week, cook the corn on the cob that I bought yesterday and douse it in butter and pepper and let the others win the money in the pot (which is now up to $60, $20 of which is mine!). I even had a lovely dinner tonight that included a couple of beers, filet glazed with an amazing sauce and chocolate cake. Yes I ate all of it without thinking twice. 

Then I came home and watched this...

And I felt stupid! How could I give up so easily? I'm not the type to let others win. If they want it they have to fight for it! I am going at this with everything that I have.

If you're having trouble fining motivation watch this video. YOU are the only one holding yourself back.  

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