Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let's Get Insane!

This afternoon I made an impromptu decision. I decided to start the beachbody workout program INSANITY. I knew I had to workout today to get my 4 workouts in for the week. I had originally planned on going to the gym, but I am already getting board of that place with its equally boring treadmills. My next thought was maybe I should run outside with the dogs. I checked the temperature and decided that 88 degrees was just a little too hot for me. Then I found out that my co-worker ordered P90X from me and I thought you know I would love to start a structured beachbody program. I knew I wasn't ready for P90X again. I needed something new to keep my interest. What I really wanted to do was buy the new Chalene Johnson beachbody program called TURBO FIRE, but I knew I had TURBO JAM and INSANITY at home. Both of which I never gave my full attention to. So TURBO JAM or INSANITY... a great, uplifting, fun workout or a tough, gut wrenching, dieing on the floor workout. What was I looking for? 

And so I made my decision on INSANITY. Mainly because I wanted to make sure my workouts would help prepare me for The Cure 5K. I didn't want to feel like I had to find time to run on the side.

Today is Day 1. The INSANITY calendar says Fit Test. I thought okay I'll do the fit test and then move onto the next workout, Plyo Cardio Circuit. Umm I must have forgot how hard even the fit test is! I started Insanity sometime last year and I didn't get very far with the program because at the time I didn't feel like I was at the needed fitness level. This time already feels different. I didn't get as tuckered out during the warm-up and my numbers were higher.

The first number is from last year and the second number is today's (if I was a true blogger extraordinaire I would put this in a nice neat table, but I have no idea how).

Switch Kicks: 56, 73  
Power Jacks: 53, 64
Power Knees: 97, 102
Power Jumps: 35, 44
Globe Jumps: 10, 11
Suicide Jumps: 13, 20
Push-Up Jacks: 23, 26
Low Plank Oblique: 50, 60

Tomorrow will be the true test! I can't wait to tell you all about it.

If you want to learn more about INSANITY or other Beachbdoy workouts check out my website:

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  1. your posts have inspired me to re-start my workout AND re-vamp my diet...hope you know you're my inspiration all the way down here in Oklahoma :D