Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Into the Wilderness

This past weekend Preston and I went camping behind the Peak with some friends and our dogs. Camping has surprisingly become one of our favorite weekend activities. [Harley enjoying the ride.] I didn't figure out what my next workout goal should be, but I did go on a little run with the dogs while in the woods. I was surprised at how much harder it was to run in the higher altitude. I was panting and breathless for most of the run. Preston, Danielle and I went into Cripple Creek Friday night and played craps for a couple of hours. Poor Preston somehow forgot his wallet and had to sit out for awhile until the dealers forgot that they hadn't carded him. He sneaked in and ended up winning the most money out of all of us. Yes in case you are wondering, I wore the same cloths the entire camping trip and I have no idea why. [Check out my iPhoto-shopping abilities! Can you tell the difference?] On day two, we were informed by the Park Ranger that we were camping on a non-designated camping area. Even thought the Park Ranger clearly enjoyed the power he held over us, we all somehow walked away without multiple $450 fines. [Augusta wanting to run and play with (or annoy and jump on) the other dogs.]

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