Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Publish Post" in 4,3,2,1

Dear Blogger World, I have decided on my next fitness goal! I will be running in the 2010 Southeastern Colorado Race for the Cure 5k on September 12th at Garden of the Gods. I am so excited to commit to this new goal and start working towards it. This will be my workout schedule for the next 4 weeks starting on Monday.
Week 1 [August 16- August 22] Workout at least 3 days Week 2 [August 23- August 29] Workout at least 4 days Week 3 [August 30- September 5] Workout at least 5 days Week 4 [September 6- September 12] Workout 3 days of race week
Initially I wanted to take August off and enjoy the rest of the summer. But once I found out there was another race taking place at the Garden of the Gods I knew I had to do it. In my very new and early stages of my running career the Garden of the Gods is #1 on my Favorite Courses. I love the challenge of running up the hills and then the ecstasy of running down. I also enjoy the undeniably beautiful scenery and the welcome distraction it offers. Plus The Cure is a great cause to support. For for information CLICK HERE. 

As soon as I hit "Publish Post" there is no backing out... So here's to smooth sailing until Monday, August 16th! 


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