Sunday, September 19, 2010

Surprising Results

Here's a no-duh for ya, eating clean brings results. When I first started Insanity in August I was frustrated because my weight was spiraling upwards. I thought, well this doesn't make sense. I'm working out 6 days a week hard. Why am I gaining weight? I ended up convincing myself that the gain in weight was normal in the first week of Insanity. The things we tell ourselves...

This time around I am only eating from the top two tiers of Michi's Ladder, with the exception of one cheat meal per week. Since last Tuesday (the first week of Insanity) I have lost 1.4 pounds! I am doing the exact same workouts as I was in August, but this time around I am actually losing weight. This is soo awesome! Obviously eating clean has made the difference.

I am not going to lie,  eating clean is not easy. There are times when all I want is fast food or whatever Preston is eating. The one thing I cannot get out of my mind is pop. Side note: I have always called pop, pop. I think it's a Colorado thing? If I do say soda I like to say it with a Minnesota accent. I would give anything to have a Diet Coke right now! But then that would mean I cheated on purpose and therefore would have to face the consequences. Not gonna happen!

On a different note, fall TV starts Monday!!! This is so exciting. Here is my TV schedule. Good thing for DVR.

  • Monday: Oprah, House, Kate Plus 8 & Monday Night Football

  • Tuesday: Oprah & The Biggest Loser

  • Wednesday: Oprah

  • Thursday: Oprah, The Office, Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice

  • Friday: Oprah

  • Saturday: Nothing

  • Sunday: Dexter & Keeping up with the Kardashians

  • *I usually do not watch Oprah, but this is her last season on regular TV. As a woman, I feel like I should tune in.

    **Week 2 of Insanity starts tomorrow.

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